Upright Bikes for Ergonomics

Due to RSI i have to care about leaning over when riding a bike. Started shopping today by hitting up the local bike collective. They didn’t have any good upright bikes except for a one-speed cruiser that was a little small for me. I bet they’ll have a good one later. Am going to check back. They cycle through a lot of bikes.

Wanted to share that I found this cool article espousing the benefits of upright bikes vs. leaning over: https://momentummag.com/upright-bikes-sit-up-and-enjoy-the-ride/

P.S. While i was test riding the cruiser, a guy with an awesome upright commuter bike rode by. I u-turned and asked him what type it was. He said it was an “Amsterdam” bike but in searching i found that was too generic. Maybe more on that later.