‘TIS Good for RSI sufferers that need to offload to their other hand?? Maybe…

Stay tuned. Just logging this now for review later…? 🙂

I hope it is something good or maybe I should try another Kinesis ergonomic keyboard that is concave OR a Maltron!

Or build my own possibly with ideas from others. Another day, hopefully soon to figure out the best for me.

P.S. There’s also ErgoDox which is looking awesome with it’s programmability and it’s custom angle adjustment for tenting.
Maybe I will be a keyboard/ergonomics tester amongst my many hats one day?!

How to check your Utah Income tax Refund status, for 2020 taxes?

  1. Go to https://tap.tax.utah.gov/taxexpress/
  2. Scroll down the page to “Refunds”
  3. Click on ‘Check your refund status’

Boom, that’s it.
And thank the fine folks at tax.utah.gov and incometax.utah.gov for all their hard work!! Disclaimer: i do not work for them nor do I know anyone that does. Just wanted to share the knowledge since I just learned it and am thinking others might need it.

Jackson Hewitt giving Turbo Tax, H&R Block, and Tax Hawk a run for their money??

2 second review: I don’t know all the details but I think so!
Check them out & use this popular coupon code (via cnet)
for Jackson Hewitt online to do both Federal & State for $20 with Support! (The regular price is $49.)

P.S. Need to go it alone for free? Might be just perfect for where you’re at. If so then check out the list of Free Filing choices:
(way more than what it used to be with Turbotax as the old most popular)

P.P.S. Consider the cost though of filing with a live person face-to-face?!

Yes I am at least partially biased since that’s what I’m doing this tax season but I believe it really does save time in many cases!
Can save you frustration too. Maybe? 🙂

NOTE: The above IRS.gov link has free choice(s) even if your yearly income is higher. Very cool.

IRS Help? :) (especially when phone lines are jammed?!!!)

Tired of waiting on the phone, or are not looking forward to calling and waiting on hold for a long time?

Well, think of “help” as in the subfolder on their website! Yes, IRS.gov/help

And BOOM! 🙂 Yes, the 1st choice in the side menu there is the Interactive Tax Assistant ( irs.gov/help/ita ).
It is seriously good. It’s almost as good as talking with a tax professional.

For reals, check it out. #taxtip 🙂

P.S. #2 – For many other things — instead of calling — create an “account”! That’s right, just like adding on the word ‘help’ go to: irs.gov/account

–Roger B.