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Roger L. Brown is a one-man website production, site consultation, mentoring, spam fighting, video production, and a general all-purpose tutoring/training business. If you want to learn anything about using your computer or websites or selling or marketing your products or services online, please contact me for a short consultation!

P.S. i recently added science/math tutoring services such as in High School / College Chemistry!

Contact me via email or call me @ 801-356-1032 to setup a time! I’ll give you recent references of satisfied clients too! :)

For now here’s a small sampling from my portfolio: (plus i’ve done consulting for several other companies)

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I give a lot of time and attention to my clients.  Whether you’re a high maintenance or low maintenance client you will be very pleased.


Roger Brown

P.S. Fight spam, take back your inbox at CAUCE.ORG!

ATTENTION Citizens! Most website hosting companies provide safe harbor for pornographic websites. They don’t care enough that you or your children could be receiving pornographic spam  as a result of their hosting of such pornography dealers websites.  Just like it’s more effective to shut down the dealers of addictive drugs instead of the consumers — it’s also likewise more effective to ask a hosting company to change their policies instead of trying to shut down each obscene website one at a time. The management of those companies make it easy for the pornography dealers to thrive and get rich off of the addictions/unhealthy habits of some. It’s kind of like the cigarette industry. They knew it was unhealthy but they sold it anyways. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise —
Obscenity is actually still against the law!

P.S. Is there still maybe only one Tier 1 hosting company that helps to protect society by not allowing pornography on their accounts, or did they give in and give up?

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