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‘TIS Good for RSI sufferers that need to offload to their other hand?? Maybe…

Stay tuned. Just logging this now for review later…? 🙂

I hope it is something good or maybe I should try another Kinesis ergonomic keyboard that is concave OR a Maltron!

Or build my own possibly with ideas from others. Another day, hopefully soon to figure out the best for me.

P.S. There’s also ErgoDox which is looking awesome with it’s programmability and it’s custom angle adjustment for tenting.
Maybe I will be a keyboard/ergonomics tester amongst my many hats one day?!

start of my focus filter products/services … at least for my self! :-)

In case it helps anybody — was inspired to do this after remembering I used to use Thunderbird with the Lightning Calendar extension and it was so nice to not see my Inbox and subfolders immediately. Was distracted a lot less.

I had a choice when I opened Thunderbird of only seeing Email or Calendar, etc.; probably got more work done!

Here’s a web based alternative without having to use a portable USB drive version of it! 🙂 And it goes everywhere if you use a tab syncing service like ___ or ___. Will blog on those later. Stay tuned.

Anyway here it is 🙂 Will show it inline here later so you won’t have to click. But quick URL paste for now. Gracias!

Upright Bikes for Ergonomics

Due to RSI i have to care about leaning over when riding a bike. Started shopping today by hitting up the local bike collective. They didn’t have any good upright bikes except for a one-speed cruiser that was a little small for me. I bet they’ll have a good one later. Am going to check back. They cycle through a lot of bikes.

Wanted to share that I found this cool article espousing the benefits of upright bikes vs. leaning over:

P.S. While i was test riding the cruiser, a guy with an awesome upright commuter bike rode by. I u-turned and asked him what type it was. He said it was an “Amsterdam” bike but in searching i found that was too generic. Maybe more on that later.