Does Google Forms or a competitor have auto grading?

Why? Would be cool to check for partial matches & also “machine learn” from a list of responses. Searched This looks promising… or at least simple auto-grading?

inspiration/good thoughts

Creating is more about discovering than it is about inventing.  I would say it is almost impossible that others somewhere somehow have not thought of the same good idea. That is the nature of goodness.  That is the nature of light and inspiration.  #ibelieve

Question, Believe, and Find (this is a microblog/’tweet’)

#Question, and question, until you understand better. #Believe that you will find a good answer. Cynicism leads to lack of inquiry and lack of discovery. Believing that you can seek and find leads to truth. –from #anonymous so to speak. P.S. #questions can lead to #truth and #light, and then #hope. I do #believe. p.p.s. …

Sign up for Apple’s security announcements!

Use an iPhone or iPad or another Apple product like one of their excellent laptops or maybe the Apple Watch? Then you really need to get security notifications of when they have problems. To do so, go to > “Lists hosted on this site” > “Security-announce” and subscribe. Put in your email address. It’s …

Subscribe to security/release announcements!

Most people could avoid getting their computers/devices hacked or their website(s) getting hacked if they would just stay informed about new releases for their programs/apps! For example, a whole lot of sites run WordPress. And the WordPress programmers have an announcements list letting you know periodically about security updates — subscribe to it @ …