Subscribe to security/release announcements!

Most people could avoid getting their computers/devices hacked or their website(s) getting hacked if they would just stay informed about new releases for their programs/apps!

For example, a whole lot of sites run WordPress.

And the WordPress programmers have an announcements list letting you know periodically about security updates — subscribe to it @

Do the same for ANY software you use — that includes apps on your phone — if the app/software doesn’t have an announcements list to let you know about updates then you might want to think twice about installing the app/program/software!!

All the good developers who care about security provide such a service — either in the form of an email list that you can subscribe to or a RSS feed that you can load in your email reader.

Stay on top of security; just do it! :)

Podcast – episode 1 – Making a difference

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I’m your host Roger B.

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InnoDB stinks big time

I can’t even begin to write all of the bogusness i’ve seen with the InnoDB engine for MySQL tables.

#1 – Every other day, i’m having to recover some customer’s database  because their InnoDB tables crashed.

So I put these lines in /etc/my.cnf:




Then mysqld starts up.

And then i can dump/export out the problem databases to .sql files, and then drop(delete) them from mysql.

I can then remove those lines from my.cnf and restart mysqld ok.

#2 – I can then recreate the databases BUT then when i go to  import the dumped .sql files it recreates the tables as MyISAM instead of InnoDB; it says “Error: Unknown storage engine ‘InnoDB'”

Absolutely freaking insane.  It’s the same my.cnf as before; no changes!!!

I hate innodb with an unholy passion; may it go to Hades.  So much wasted time.

P.S. If i’m missing some my.cnf settings that will keep InnoDB db’s stable, please educate me! :)

spread the word about the Tiananmen Square massacre!

thetankman25 years ago, the Chinese government massacred thousands of it’s own people in Beijing on June 4th and 5th, 1989.  It was known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre even though most were killed just outside of the square.  Thousands more were wounded on those days.

#1 – Please do watch this chilling and tear-bringing documentary about it — The Tank Man —  at

The Chinese government has since that time gone to extreme lengths to cover up the horrible things they did.  Chinese citizens are still thrown into prison for trying to tell others about it.  And their government has tried to censor and shut down any websites that share people’s stories about what happened on those days.

#2 – Please do share the video’s link on social media and blog about it!  We need to let Chinese citizens know about it.  May they peacefully reform their government like the eastern european countries did in 1989-1990.

Don’t let callers or emailers, etc. trick you!

There was a pretty high profile security breach a few weeks ago that you might not have heard about.

A hacker made several calls to a company to get info about one of their customers that he wanted to hack.  He pretended to be the customer.

Even though you may not work in customer service this is a good read.

The same thing can happen(or has happened) via multiple calls to people at their homes from a team of hackers who take turns pretending to be different companies and they each get a little piece of info, until they have enough to assume their identity.

Check it out @ Internet company owns up to their role in epic account hijacking.

P.S. And the follow-up @ The moral of the story: People are the easiest thing to hack!

Stay awesome y’all! :)

Using software/apps? Sign up for their security announcements!

  1. We all use software(programs or apps) every day, right?  (except for when you leave your computer/device turned off for the day! :))
  2. But are you signed up to receive announcements about critical security updates for them?!/li>

If not, do it!!!


It only takes a minute and it will save you a lot of pain and grief!  Because Smokey says “only you can prevent [hacks]!” :)

Man is blessed to survive for 3 days @ …

Wow, i didn’t fully believe this title when i first read it:

Man survives 3 days at bottom of Atlantic

I thought, “What? The media writer is exaggerating on the word “bottom” and it wasn’t very deep probably.”
But no, it’s true.  Wasn’t super deep but — 30 meters (98.43 feet) deep — that’s enough to kill most people that aren’t used to diving such depths with no scuba gear.
I love inspiring stories like this.  My current favorite story!
P.S. it’s a great thing to write about too; to start ‘blogging again. :)  Been tied up too much with the new work position, etc. to post for a while.  Merry Christmas you all too! :)

base64 email Subject: line?

Email with a non-English Subject like:

Subject: =?UTF-8?B?0J/RgNC+0LZABtytdGA0LrQsA==?=

The part between =?UTF-8?B? and ?= is a base64-encoded string.

Put it in a file.

base64 -d file

P.S. to encode something, put the regular English text into a file.  Then base64 text.file > encoded.file

Prevent WordPress hacks — 2 easy things to do!

  1. Make your .htaccess file unwriteable.
  • From File Manager edit it’s Permissions.  Take away “write” permissions for it.  Or from SSH, run `chmod a-w .htaccess`
  1. Password protect your /wp-admin/ folder.
  • cPanel -> Password Protect Directories -> click /wp-admin/ and give it a name and Save.  Then add a user and password.
  • Yes, it’s kind of pain to have to type in 2 usernames and passwords every time you want to login BUT it’s worth it!!!  It only takes 5 extra seconds.

P.S. for more tips, see