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‘TIS Good for RSI sufferers that need to offload to their other hand?? Maybe…

Stay tuned. Just logging this now for review later…? πŸ™‚

I hope it is something good or maybe I should try another Kinesis ergonomic keyboard that is concave OR a Maltron!

Or build my own possibly with ideas from others. Another day, hopefully soon to figure out the best for me.

P.S. There’s also ErgoDox which is looking awesome with it’s programmability and it’s custom angle adjustment for tenting.
Maybe I will be a keyboard/ergonomics tester amongst my many hats one day?!

How to check your Utah Income tax Refund status, for 2020 taxes?

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down the page to “Refunds”
  3. Click on ‘Check your refund status’

Boom, that’s it.
And thank the fine folks at and for all their hard work!! Disclaimer: i do not work for them nor do I know anyone that does. Just wanted to share the knowledge since I just learned it and am thinking others might need it.

Jackson Hewitt giving Turbo Tax, H&R Block, and Tax Hawk a run for their money??

2 second review: I don’t know all the details but I think so!
Check them out & use this popular coupon code (via cnet)
for Jackson Hewitt online to do both Federal & State for $20 with Support! (The regular price is $49.)

P.S. Need to go it alone for free? Might be just perfect for where you’re at. If so then check out the list of Free Filing choices:
(way more than what it used to be with Turbotax as the old most popular)

P.P.S. Consider the cost though of filing with a live person face-to-face?!

Yes I am at least partially biased since that’s what I’m doing this tax season but I believe it really does save time in many cases!
Can save you frustration too. Maybe? πŸ™‚

NOTE: The above link has free choice(s) even if your yearly income is higher. Very cool.

IRS Help? :) (especially when phone lines are jammed?!!!)

Tired of waiting on the phone, or are not looking forward to calling and waiting on hold for a long time?

Well, think of “help” as in the subfolder on their website! Yes,

And BOOM! πŸ™‚ Yes, the 1st choice in the side menu there is the Interactive Tax Assistant ( ).
It is seriously good. It’s almost as good as talking with a tax professional.

For reals, check it out. #taxtip πŸ™‚

P.S. #2 – For many other things — instead of calling — create an “account”! That’s right, just like adding on the word ‘help’ go to:

–Roger B.

another keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot in Windows 10?

Windows key + F (press them together at the same time)

Yes, that will instantly take a picture of your full screen.
It will launch a Feedback Hub window.
But close it without even letting it load. It’s ok.

Now look in your “Pictures” folder.

Look for the new subfolder that starts with the word “Feedback…” followed by a bunch of letters and numbers.

Open it. There’s the screenshot. Boom!

Cool, eh?

P.S. There is also the triple key combo Windows key + Shift + S,
or the double combo of Windows key + W.
Each has it’s own benefits. Win + F is still cool.

P.P.S. Macs/macOS? Option + Shift + 3, a triple combo. Or try it while pressing 4 instead to get crosshairs to select just part of your screeen!

Federal Taxes deadline still April 15th? …

Short answer, yes! From one of many reports in the last few days; this one is Monday, Feb 22nd:

For now the typical deadlines apply: Taxpayers have until Thursday, April 15, 2021, to file their 2020 tax return and pay any tax owed. The IRS started accepting 2020 tax returns on February 12, two weeks later than originally anticipated (there were all those Round 2 stimulus payments to get out, plus reprogramming IRS systems for December tax law changes). Note: the IRS announced today thatΒ victims of the winter storms in Texas will have until June 15Β to file returns and pay any taxes that would have been due on April 15 (or March 15 for businesses), which is routine with such local disasters.

So get together your W-2‘s, your 1099-INT or 1099-R‘s or 1098-G‘s, any 1099-G‘s for Unemployment, and maybe any SSA-1099‘s for social security benefits!

P.S. Also get your 1095-A form from IF you didn’t have employer/school based health insurance, AND……
your 2 Stimulus payments details (1st one was last spring/summer 2020.
2nd one was just in the last few weeks (dec 31st 2020 – Feb 2021) — get them from by clicking on the Coronavirus button!!
NOTE: Good news, these 2 payments are NOT taxable!!!

P.P.S. Also, it can’t hurt to see what you’ve paid in Social Security taxes/withholdings over your lifetime at if you want to — but not required to file taxes!

Come in and see me at the Springville Walmart or call me at 801-356-1032 for in-person or remote tax prep / technical help on using an online free filing one. And if you can’t afford to pay for in-person sit-down tax prep, then i’ll refer you to places such as Tis excellent either way. #ibelieve! Happy Wednesday you all,

Roger B.

photo, Roger Brown, tuxedo at Holidays event

start of my focus filter products/services … at least for my self! :-)

In case it helps anybody — was inspired to do this after remembering I used to use Thunderbird with the Lightning Calendar extension and it was so nice to not see my Inbox and subfolders immediately. Was distracted a lot less.

I had a choice when I opened Thunderbird of only seeing Email or Calendar, etc.; probably got more work done!

Here’s a web based alternative without having to use a portable USB drive version of it! πŸ™‚ And it goes everywhere if you use a tab syncing service like ___ or ___. Will blog on those later. Stay tuned.

Anyway here it is πŸ™‚ Will show it inline here later so you won’t have to click. But quick URL paste for now. Gracias!

service: How to filter content @ home?

1st off, the best filter? The gift of some sort of fire/love inside your heart and mind that keeps you headed where you want to be going. Yes, a higher power or at least a belief in something good if not someone. See 2014-04-05 for one example, i #believe it. But I do not judge atheists. We’re all in this together, our shared humanity.

2nd, as a “fire line” so to speak, set up a filter on your home router! Why? No matter whether someone connects on your Wifi or if they plug a cable in at home, they will be protected/filtered.

Get either A.) an expensive pro-consumer or business style router where it gives you such fine-tuned Admin controls, or
B.) get a decent home router where you can add in software that does such excellent filtering.

I recommend choice B.

Really? Yes, and on choice B.) you can even go super easy with OpenDNS, they have a free service plan, where you can create custom blacklists or whitelists. Side-tangent fun thought? Imagine if you had a cool whitelist at your home for your family. You could make a game for the children to see if they can discover the sites on your whitelist. Like maybe a top 5 sites-of-the-day whitelist for when you at least temporarily need to be really focused and not surfing just for fun. πŸ™‚ But I digress.

AND for the filtering that I am even more excited about — you just install something like OpenWRT or Tomato on your router and then you get very cool administrator(think “parental”) controls.

Would love to either set it up for you at your home OR walk you through remotely via Zoom or any other videoconf app like Meet or Teams or Facetime. Let me know, please. Would love to develop this as a skill while serving whatever you need. I already have been using OpenDNS for years, and I also have played around with OpenWRT on my home router a little.

P.S. Will give you a great discount here with the holi-days like Christmas/Hannukah/New Years 2021. Starting @ $15/hr.

Let me know, gracias,

Roger Brown @ 801-356-1032 or [email protected]

P.P.S. you can also set controls on a per-device basis. So for example Johanna’s filters are different than Rubio’s based on maturity, etc.. Time limits/controls too. Very cool stuff. Hit me up!

diversity of heart or thoughts?

Outward diversity vs. inward diversity? Can we be different on our outsides yet unified on our insides? Is diversity good when there are at least 5 different ways to add up two of the numbers from 1 to 9 in order to get 10 total? Is diversity of thought bad when we’re pulling in different directions?

Just some quick thoughts. I think I like the feeling of outward vs. inward. “The Lord looketh on the heart”. Somewhere in the historical record of the Old Testament. It really is true. Thank you ^^^