What’s using up your Google account/Gmail space?

Running out of space in your free 15 GB (gigabytes)? Here’s how to free some space up! NOTE: these steps work the best on a laptop or larger screen! 1st, look at a breakdown @ https://one.google.com/storage of the 3 main areas — Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos — that add up to your total …

YouTube #focus?

Problem: Too often distracted by YouTube.com’s suggestions??? (or it’s mobile website at m.youtube.com??? 🙁 Solution? Load the /feed link as in youtube.com/feed which is blank by default. Boom! No distracting suggestions! Just an empty search box up top to search by! Nothing else!

inspiration/good thoughts

Creating is more about discovering than it is about inventing.  I would say it is almost impossible that others somewhere somehow have not thought of the same good idea. That is the nature of goodness.  That is the nature of light and inspiration.  #ibelieve