Sign up for Apple’s security announcements!

Use an iPhone or iPad or another Apple product like one of their excellent laptops or maybe the Apple Watch?

Then you really need to get security notifications of when they have problems.

To do so, go to > “Lists hosted on this site” > “Security-announce” and subscribe. Put in your email address.

It’s usually a few emails every couple of months but today there were a LOT:

Yes, your device will let you know when there is an update but these emails serve as a 2nd reminder to not procrastinate updating!
AND they contain links to more info if you have questions on the Update process.

I highly recommend signing up!

P.S. The direct link for the sign-up page is
Just put in an email address and click Subscribe:

(the name and password boxes are Optional. Just skip them.)

That’s it! Do it! 🙂 You’ll thank yourself later!

Need a screenshot? Am loving Firefox’s built-in tool.

Just wanted to do a micro-blog post here about the Screenshotting tool in Firefox.  I love it!  Screenshots from websites are what I mostly do so having it right in the browser instead of having to do a keyboard combo on Mac or open Snipping Tool on Windows makes it really convenient.  It has a page block or element feature that is better than any screen shot tool/app that I’ve seen so far.  Thank you,  Mozilla Foundation!

Subscribe to security/release announcements!

Most people could avoid getting their computers/devices hacked or their website(s) getting hacked if they would just stay informed about new releases for their programs/apps!

For example, a whole lot of sites run WordPress.

And the WordPress programmers have an announcements list letting you know periodically about security updates — subscribe to it @

Do the same for ANY software you use — that includes apps on your phone — if the app/software doesn’t have an announcements list to let you know about updates then you might want to think twice about installing the app/program/software!!

All the good developers who care about security provide such a service — either in the form of an email list that you can subscribe to or a RSS feed that you can load in your email reader.

Stay on top of security; just do it!  🙂